Scorn – List of takers

After a lot of silence, there is finally a new release by Mick Harris (Scorn, Napalm Death, Quoit, Painkiller). This new release by Scorn is not a new studio album but a recording of a live set that was done for a radio show on Breaks FM. It consists of a single track of over 70 minutes long with a varied array of tracks from Mick Harris. The music ranges from subtle and heavily moody ambient to the dark and abstract hiphop influenced beats that Scorn is so well known for.

The quality of the recordings is stunning, and the material presented is certainly all new. Mick used the sounds and loops of his previous Hymen albums to create entirely new tracks. It is therefore not surprising that this album sounds exactly like his previous albums ?Greetings from Birmingham? and ?Plan B?. Heavy Bass-tunes and precision beats form a groovy soundtrack to which you just have to move.

The CD is packed in a nice sort of digipack and was released on the Polish label ?Vivo?. This is definitely a must have for all Scorn fans (and other hednodding bass-freaks). So hurry up to get your copy, because there were only 800 copies pressed.

artist: Scorn
label: Vivo Records
details: 70 min. [vivo2004 011CD]