Screams for Tina – 2003 A.D.

It has been silent around legendary, American based, deathrock band Screams For Tina for about ten years, except for the song ‘Life of sin’ which was featured on a compilation. That track is also present on this new EP.

2003 A.D. opens with the track ‘Standing in the rain’. This song is all you might expect; heavy doomrock that sounds a lot like classic gothic rock but that is still relevant in a contemporary context. ‘Life of sin’ is a mid-tempo track, which has a dark atmosphere reminiscent of Warsaw/Joy Division. This is one of the best songs Screams For Tina has written up till now. ‘Ranjipur’ is more of an intermezzo than a real song, but fits nicely on this EP with its dark bass line and raw guitar sound.

Closing track ‘Eleven eleven’ is one of the best known songs by the band. The version featured on 2003 A.D. is a remix of the original. Luckily a remix doesn’t mean they added beats to it as is often the case. Thus, this is more of a remastered version than a remix. At times the voice of singer Warren Mansfield sounds as haunting as that of Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy is in his early days. ‘Eleven eleven’ is a good song for the dancefloor and a worthy last track of this ‘comeback’ EP.

The only conclusion you can draw from 2003 A.D. is that Screams For Tina is back. Hopefully more new material will follow soon. With this EP the band has proven still to be on top of the gothic (rock) scene.

artist: Screams for Tina
label: Strobelight Records
details: 4 tracks [strob 003]