Screams For Tina – Life of Sin

Screams For Tina is an American gothic rock band that has quite a reputation, but mainly in their own country. In Europe the group is only well-known by a select group of listeners.
Their last album, Screams For Tina, dates back from 1994. This record was packed with doomrock anthems in the 80’s style of bands like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and The March Violets, with clear hints of Joy Division. Songs like ‘In Her House’, ‘Eleven, Eleven’ and ‘Kristen’ are raw doomy rock music with dark vocals but without the overdone gothic rock clichés.

This new single, ‘Life of Sin’, continues in that vein. It is a mid-tempo doomy rock track that refers more than ever before to Joy Division. Due to more ethereal passages within the song ‘Life of Sin’ also sounds more stereotype gothicrock than the older songs. But because the track is done very nicely this single is among the best Screams For Tina has done so far. Hopefully this new song is followed soon by more new material.

artist: Screams For Tina
label: self-released