Second Disease – Dogma

In 1996 Second Disease released the album Flame the dark true (on the legendary Zoth Ommog label), an album I rather liked at that time, because it was much darker and less accessible than most electro releases. That was probably also the reason that it wasn’t a very big commercial success. Then it became rather silent around this band, but in 2000 Maschinenwelt releases this Dogma album, which is mostly a collection of older tracks, most of them recorded between 1991 and 1995. A few songs I already knew from a demo, some of them were edited for this release. You get no less than 19 tracks, and the limited edtion, that comes in a dvd box, has a hologram picture on the front and contains a sticker and autograph card. The style is still dark electro, but most songs are a bit more catchy than on the debut album, a few songs like Can’t be me are even suited for the dancefloor. All in all a nice historical release, but not brilliant, I’m more curious if they will release new material.

artist: Second Disease
label: Maschinenwelt