Seelenblut – Phosphorus

Seelenblut (not to be confused with Seelenkrank and Blutengel) is a dark ambient/industrial act by a guy named Andreas Barekas. Earlier he already released “Angel’s Suicide”, “Phosphorus” from 2001 is the second album on the Greek Capp label. The title track opens the album, with some very dark, machine-like industrial sounds and deep drones. Gregorian choirs can occasionally be heard in the background, to enhance the ceremonial feel. The sound is rather dense, the atmosphere oppressive.

In total you get over 45 minutes of dark machineries and grim sonic scapes, which make you descend into the deepest catacombs. The haunting second track, ‘Agartha’, is probably my favourite one.
Though Seelenblut is not very renewing, it’s quite decent atmospheric dark stuff, which you can safely try if you’re into Lustmord and darker Cold Meat acts. Seelenblut has even sampled In Slaughter Natives on the fifth track.

artist: Seelenblut
label: Capp
details: 6 tracks, limited to 333 copies