Seelenthron – Heimkehr

This debut album by Seelenthron sounds familiar upon first listening. Which is not so strange, since this German project consists of Norbert Strahl und Alexander Meier, both former members of Dies Natalis.

Musically Heimkehr is not so far removed from that neo-folk project, especially their earlier creations. This means acoustic guitars combined with keyboards, clear melodic songs, a nostalgic-romantic atmosphere, sung-spoken vocals in German. Seelenthron therefore does not sound very surprising, but they have delivered a short album of good quality.

Especially ‘Am Morgen’ is an attractive folk song, which will appeal to people who like bands as Forseti. A few of the songs are a bit over-romantic for my taste, like the sentimental ‘Der Tag’ which comes close to schlager. A few songs have clear darkwave elements, like ‘Heimkehr’. Most tracks are quite tranquil, except for the festive and percussive title track. In general this is a nice album, which sounds quite mature. It does not bore easily and which can compete with the best Dies Natalis material.

artist: Seelenthron
label: Nielozilla
details: 8 tracks, 30 min. [NZ017ST]