Seij minus aÇ – Less Physical Vortex

The German label Sonic-X is profiling itself as an electro label mainly, but this time we are treated to something quite different. Seij Minus aÇ is a project of the Japanese artist hAj, and my experencies with Japanese music is that it normally doesn’t sound very conventional. “Less Physical Vortex” starts with the anthem ‘laick arctica’, with a rather threatening orchestral sound, the tension being further enhanced by the strange electronic sounds underneath the classical framework. It is followed by the title track, which is quite hard to follow. First you get some noisy factory sounds, followed by complex electronic rhythms, which remind me of avantgarde classical music, with a harsh industrial ending to the song.

‘Soksh inbutz’ is a little easier to digest’, with atmospheric electronics and something which reminds of singing. The composition is again rather chaotic though. ‘Inferior’ has extremely fast, complex beats, mixed with noisy sounds and some orchestral arrangements. All songs on this release go back and forth, it is hard to predict what will folow next. Soft electronic textures are alternated with faster-than-light rhythms, industrial noises or filmic soundscapes. Mr. hAj certainly knows how to control his machines! The lyrics (printed in Japanese and English) can be described as quite cryptic and apocalyptic. The vocals don’t play a dominant role on the album though, they sound very distorted and don’t have a prominent position in the mix.
This is certainly no mainstream type of music, but an intense, extreme experience. It is for sure not something I will be in the mood for daily. If you can appreciate complex, experimental electronic music, which is not confined to strict boundaries, you certainly could give ‘Seij minus aÇ’ a try.

artist: Seij minus aÇ
label: Sonic-X
details: 10 tracks, 49 minutes