Sensorial Response – Humanity Versus Technology

Sensorial Response is a project by Arthur Plata from France. He impressed me sometime ago with a demo from his other project Ukio Bionic. Ukio Bionic is a mixture of elektro and idm. Sensorial Response is a modern EBM / dark electro project.

The music on Humanity Versus Technology is a modernized version of Frontline Assembly and Skinny Puppy. Maybe a bit lighter. Also the name of Velvet Acid Christ springs to mind when listening to this record. Although the music on this disc is much more tranquil than the VAC sound.

Much attention has been payed to the mood of the music, the sounds and the rhythms. The tracks are long, building up slowly, asking to be listened to instead of danced to. This dance aspect that dominates most of the modern EBM music is subordinated to the atmosphere in the music of this project.

Sensorial Response succeeds in modernizing EBM music because of this. Rumours are that this project is talking to a label in the USA. The music has to quality to be released profesionally, so I will not be surprised when this happens.

artist: Sensorial Response
label: self-released
details: 12 tracks