Sephiroth -­ Draconian Poetry

In 1999 Sephiroth made a big impression with the album Cathedron. That record was filled with deep and moody atmospheres that from time to time exploded into ritualistic pieces of powerful percussions sounds. So, quite some years passed until a second album saw the light as only now there is the sequel entitled Draconian Poetry.

The new album is a bit disappointing. Don’t get me wrong. The sounds, moods and tracks are again great but it all sounds the same as on Cathedron. There is nothing new to discover. It is as if you are listening to the same album basically.
Draconian Poetry will please you if you cannot get enough of Cathedron and want to hear some new constructions with the same sounds and atmospheres. But, if you are looking for new twists and moods, this second record by Sephiroth will disappoint you.

artist: Sephiroth
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: cd, 7 tracks [CMI152]