Sephiroth – Cathedron

On the outstanding double compilation cd ‘The Absolute Supper’ there was an unknown project that woke my interest, the track by Sephiroth immediately was one of my favourites of the album. Now a convincing debut album has been released, called “Cathedron”, with a typical Cold Meat sound. Like many other bands on that label, Sephiroth also is a one-man project, Ulf Söderberg is responsible for ‘Electronics, percussion and voice’. Well, the voice is somewhere in the background, it is mainly an instrumental album. Cathedron contains six long tracks, which create a fine dark atmosphere, a Scandinavian specialty. Most tracks combine dark ambient in the Raison d´être-tradition with sudden eruptions of loud percussion. The mixture of soundscapes and tribal drums is very interesting. I recommend to listen to this album late at night in a darkened room. To quote the Absolute Supper-booklet: ‘Sephiroth bids you welcome into the ruins and down into the deep forgotten catacombs’.

artist: Sephiroth
label: Cold Meat Industry