Sepia, the – Demo

Until I received this demo CD I had not heard of The Sepia, but when reading their bio I discovered that this band already participated in vaious projects. They made various music pieces for tv, dance, drama and other media, did some album mastering for Marc Almond and relased already a self produced album. This three piece formation from London also has quite a lot of live experience. Their style could be described as electronic industrial music, sounding rather modern and poppy at times, with a clear production. The Sepia makes an interesting mix of subtle beats and electronic sound layers, with an occasional sample. The only thing I have to get used to a bit are the crossover guitars, which are rather dominant on a few tracks, like ‘Blade’ and ‘Polaris C’. The music is mainly instrumental, and is varied enough to do without a lot of vocals. Most tracks aren’t very uptempo, but a few have the potential to do well on industrial dancefloors. A promising band…

artist: Sepia, the
label: self-released