Sepia, the – Sampler

The Sepia is an electronic act from the UK that has been producing music for quite sometime. With their music they don’t try to reach the mass audience but prefer a smaller following instead, to keep in control of their own (artistic) freedom. This 7-track sampler makes clear what the band means when the say they make industrio-ambient electronic music. The Sepia’s sound is a fusion between spacey
electronic danceable music, atmospheric ambient sounds and hints of industrial. A song like ‘Blade’ has all these ingredients, it is a danceable song due to cold electro beats but also makes use of spacey sounds with an ambient atmosphere in the background.

All songs are more or less written in this style, which doesn’t mean that all songs are alike. ‘Disto-Sabe’ for example has a very different sound due to the use of tribal like vocal samples. ‘Polaris D’ on the other hand has a more industrial sound with
a heavy beat and a staccato guitar riff. These songs show the potential of The Sepia. The rhythms, sounds and song structures are very original and differ a lot from the standard electro-industrial music you can hear everywhere nowadays. The only thing is that due to this the songs are not really easy dance tracks. Most songs on this disc are danceable but not instant dancefloor smashers.

artist: Sepia, the
label: self-released