Severin Bestombes vom Horse Gore Club – Auszug und Abgesang

If you think you have heard strange music then listen to this record and think again. Severin Bestombes is a side project by one Novy Svet member and the record consists of two long tracks (one on each side). The tracks are sound collages of weird noises, recorded sounds (everyday life sounds) and composed elements.

For example, you will hear bird sounds with some background noises and a repetitive rhythm. But before you are dozing off with these tranquil sounds the music suddenly changes into a next phase, to keep you awake as it seems.
This is no pop music or easy listening. You really need to get into the two compostions and listen to them many times to discover all there is to it. Auszug & Abgesang truly is music for the adventurous listener.

Very nice is also the glow in the dark vinyl the music is pressed on and the printed transparant sleeve. Put the record in the sleeve under a lamp for a moment and then turn down the lights… Another great production from Punch Records.

artist: Severin Bestombes
label: Punch Records
details: vinyl 12", 2005 [PP013]