Shift / Operativ Permanent – Battle ahead

The titles of the songs on this split single as well as the photos inside the foldout sleeve (black masks, T-shirts with ‘HATE’) betray that we are dealing with militant industrial here. Two noisy acts collaborate in their battle against “everyday indolence and mass mentality”. This split single contains two names I was not yet familiar with. Shift as well as his label Heidenlarm (this is their 6th release) are situated in Hampshire in the UK, while Operativ Permanent features no one less than Lirim Cajani (from the notorious Swedish noise mongers Institut).

Everyone into raw death industrial and harsh power electronics should dig this single, so get it while you can. The deadly noisescape on the A-side by Shift sounds crunchy, with slowly grinding distorted machinery and monotonous rhythmic loops, overwhelmed by fierce rythmic blasts. It’s over before you know it, after short explosive climax.
Operativ Permant fills the other side of the single with angry militant shouting in the best Genocide Organ tradition, combined with huge walls of feedback and distortion. Excellent aggressive piece, traditional but effective.

artist: Shift / Operativ Permanent
label: Heidenlärm
details: 7", 2 tracks, 300 copies [HEDLAM06]