Show of Exaggeration – Show of Exaggeration

Show of Exaggeration is a new name for me, but I found out that the people behind this project are certainly no newcomers. One of the members is Philip Münch, known for Synapscape, Ars Moriendi and a few others. His partner in crime is called Bernhard Wöstheinrich, who has made some releases under the name of Centrozoon. The music that these two gentlemen produce on this cd can certainly not be compared by the harsh and energetic over-the-top industrial of Synapscape. Show of Exaggeration offer us an hour of dark soundscapes, which are quite interesting.

The music is quite subtle, sometimes gaining in strength and then fading away again. Most compositions are rather calm, extended layers of sound with some gritty, noisy details in the background. Rhythms are used modest and sparse, in the first track ‘Death arch’ they remind me of heartbeats. The overall mood is quite mysterious, and a little space-like. My favourite track is the second one, entitled ‘Passing Gods’, atmospheric, spacious, full of expectation. Also impressive is the epic title track, which is divided into three parts. This track is probably the most industrial sounding part of the cd, with a few scary and noisy elements, but everything stays very decent. One of the more interesting releases in the endless stream of dark ambient offerings.

artist: Show of Exaggeration
label: Rectrix, the
details: 7 tracks, 56 min. (TF9)