Si-cut.db and Full Swing – Reciprocess +/vs vol. 2

This collaboration CD released by Bip-hop brings us the work by Douglas Benford (aka Si-cut.db) and Stephan Mathieu (aka Full Swing). Both artists have been releasing a multitude of works on various labels (12k, Background, Sprawl, Ritornell, etc.). Both artists also focus on making microtonal, highly microscopic technoid music. This makes it quite hard to tell which part of the sound of this CD belongs to which artist, which is the ideal form of collaboration since the music is a whole.

The tracks on this CD are made of soft, crispy soundlayers and loops (probably coming from a laptop) that form dense soundscapes with a touch of dub. Reciprocess +/vs is full of a melancholic, warm atmosphere and sometimes reminds me of works by Pole, Rhythm and Sound (and other Basic Channel related stuff), and the laptop compositions of Fennesz, Oval or Pimmon.

A steady, well-done collaboration CD that should appeal to listeners of the bands mentioned above.

artist: Si-cut.db and Full Swing
label: Bip-hop
details: [Bip-Hop/F?llt Bleep 22]