Sigrun Heid – Werkmeister

Yet another industrial project from the Greyland stables. Sigrun Heid consists of Maria and Sven (Bussler, also known for Wappenbund and Coinside) and deals mainly with the period of industrialization. The record comes in a plain black carton cover, bound together by a silver chain. Inside is a silver fold-out carton, with tracklisting and photos. The vinyl edition of Werkmeister is rather limited, but there is also an unlimited cd version.

“Werkmeister” is dedicated to the working classes, which becomes also clear through the artwork, the historical speech fragments and songtitles like ‘Arbeitsfront’, ‘im Werk’ and ‘Stahlarbeit’. This record contains some old school industrial, with a nice factory atmosphere. The music consists mainly of industrial layers of sound, which get their identity through the dominant speech samples. Side B of the record, with the tracks ‘Stahlarbeit’ and ‘Schichtende’ has some more rhythmical elements. Just like the Weiner Aktivisten album, this record is closed by an old meleancholic German song. All in all a decent industrial record, which gives you visions of steel factories and workers with black faces and sweaty bodies.

artist: Sigrun Heid
label: Greyland Records
details: 10', 4 tracks, limited to 194 copies