Silence – Key

Silence is a project that already released quite a lot of music to those interested, but hardly got heard after all. Is this because the music isn’t that good, or because they are Slovenian or for some completely other reason? Now they have signed to Accession Records, and this first double cd on this label brings us especially a recap of what they did before (disc 1) and some stuff that never got released before (disc 2).

First of all, let me praise the booklet. It looks very good, fits the music of silence very well. Intriguing, experimental. Then to the music. The anthology disc gives us a good impression of what Silence is all about. Experiment without losing trace of the song that is in there. A varied disc, maybe a bit too varied. Many influences merge in here, from Depeche Mode to Slovenian folk. Balladesque without getting too cheesy in many cases.

The second disc has this same amount of variation in it, but it bugs me a bit less. It is this disc that shows us many a good song had not yet reached any official recording, this really is a must have disc for all fans of silence.

Overall this is not a double cd that I would recommend to many. It is nice, but not overwhelming and it misses one effect on me that experimental music should have in my eyes. It doesn’t grow on me with every time I listen to the music. Then again it is a nice compilation of work by Silence and especially fans of experimental music might at least listen to it and decide themselves what they think of it.

artist: Silence
label: Accession Records
details: dcd, 23 tracks, 2006