Silent Signals – N.E.S.S. Obscure Trilogy: NO003

The French label Invasion Planete is one of the most important outputs for (European) minimal electro. With the release of this single the label has broadened her repertoire a bit. Silent Signals still makes minimal electro but with a distinctive cold wave touch to it. The result is dark and moody electronic wave music.

The songs ‘All Around Us’ and ‘Addiction’ are slow electro wave, a sort of darker form of the early music of Gary Numan and Snowy Red. ‘Destructive Celebration’ is the only true dance track of the four songs. This song has the potential to become an underground cult classic. Its typical rhythm and moody atmosphere are reminiscent of the music The Cure recorded for their 17 Seconds album.

It is a nice thing that releases like these are only available as limited edition vinyl pressings. This adds to the feeling you truly have something special in your hands, because that is what this 7” EP certainly is. In fact this is one of the nicest
releases from Invasion Planete so far.

artist: Silent Signals
label: Invasion Planète
details: 7' ep