Silent Watcher of Dark Matter – Deep Space & Deep Space II

As the bandname promises, this is dark ambient music. On these two cd’s, distributed through as so-called d.a.m. cd’s, we find 3 tracks on each disk, with an average playing time of 20 minutes per track. That means that these two cd’s offer us 2 hours of minimal, very dark ambient. The songs evolve very slowly, but stay intriguing. Deep dark drones get you in their spell, taking you to cold, empty spaces.

These two discs have a very spacy sound, and that is not so surprising, because on their page can be read that this music is ‘heavily influenced by the visual and audio of the motion picture 2001: A Space Odyssey.’ As I said before, the soundscapes are rather minimal, so it takes a lot of concentration to listen to these discs two hours in a row. But they are also suited as background music, and from time to time you look up from your book to notice that the music has evolved to another galaxy.
The atmosphere of the music of ‘ SWODM’ reminds me a bit of the darker, slower works of Lustmord. Interesting and recommended music for lovers of deep and dark ambient.