Silent Watcher of Dark Matter – Installation

This is the debut release of this dark ambient project from Sweden, released in June 2000. Some info about this project, taken from the page: “The experimental ambient entity Silent Watcher of Dark Matter was formed in 1999 by multi-instrumentalist/sound-sculptor myt; inspired by the atmospheric works of Karl-Heinz Stockhausen, Pauline Oliveros and Gyorgy Ligeti; experimenting with synthesisers, modulators, guitars and loop-devices.”

On this album 6 long tracks can be found, with a total playing time of over 50 minutes. The music is very dark and cold and varying from harsh dark ambient to quiet soundscapes. Each song seems to take you to a different landscape, which seems to be almost literally the case with the track `Sandstorm?.

On you can hear a lot of material from ‘SWODM”, so I advise you to listen for yourself.