Silvia – Silvia

The electro(clash) hype is (luckily) coming to its end. As before the hype some labels and musicians keep going on with what they did before; release and produce the real thing when it comes to elektro.

Genetic Music is one of those labels that release great new elektro with a nice 80’s feeling to it. Besides that they also re-release obscure electronic 80’s music.

This record by Silvia was originally released in 1982 and a sought item by record collectors who are specialized in minimal electronics / elektro. It is really great Genetic has made this music available again.

The minimal elektro with female vocals on this cd is without a doubt 80’s music. Think something like a poppy D.A.F. versus a raw Nena or Anne Clark. ‘Sauf auf Stirb’ sounds aggressive, much like Liaisons Dangereuses. And, both ‘Zuerst Ich’ and ‘Ich bin nicht die’ could still do well on the dancefloor. Concluding, this re-issue from Silvia is a must have for the real fan of elektro / minimal electronics / obscure 80’s music.

artist: Silvia
label: Genetic Music
details: 9 tracks [gen011]