Sino – Promote00 / Promote01+28082002

Last week I received review material from Japan, Russia and Israel. Now that’s what I call an international scene? Sino is a Japanese project, which creates diverse and original electronic music. The music of Sino, a 27 year old guy, is a fusion of harsh electronics, industrial guitar sounds and uptempo ebm. He started this project, which is called SINO(re-build projects) to be more precise, in 2000, and created 2 cdr’s so far.

On the cdr “Promote_00” you can find 6 tracks, of which the first one is a short tranquil intro. But then hell breaks loose on ‘Black blood and mad brain’, with some ultraheavy guitar sounds, combined with hard beats. ‘Junk me’ is a bit more tranquil, a midtempo monotonous electronic piece with a nice mood and some original sounds. But towards the end of the track some merciless metal guitars take over. ‘Downer beat’ and ‘Cyber 2999’ continue with a heavy guitar sound, accompanied by some energetic dance beats. The last track, ‘Sadistic hyper love’, starts with a dreamy ambient sound, which is mixed with complex, d&b type dance beats at times. Probably my favourite track.

The cdr “Promote01+28082002” is a new release. It contains 4 new songs, plus live tracks, recorded at Shelter in Tokyo, Japan. The songs that are performed live are already known from his first cdr, but they sound much harsher and noisier here. Sino live surely must be an energetic phenomenon. Of the four new tracks, which again mix heavy guitars with electronic beats and sounds, I like ’02’ the most’, with deep drum & bass beats and helicopter-like background sounds and a blasting Godflesh-like finish..

The heavy guitar tracks of Sino are not exactly something I am fond of personally, but if you can appreciate some heavy crossover industrial like KMFDM but with a more original sound, you could give this music a try. You can listen to some tracks at Sino’s music can be bought though Fleshmadeword distro, amongst others.

artist: Sino
label: Re-build records