Sixteens – Casio

Sixteens are great! If you were not convinced yet about this band after hearing their ‘Fendi’ cd or at a concert of the band there is this Casio record to make it clear.

Casio consists of eight minimal synth (Casio) punk tracks. Although the tracks are long they will not bore you. For example, listen to ‘Bed of Nails’. Bit by bit the track evolves. It is building up slowly with new subtle elements added just at the right moment. All this is done in a brilliant way. Not convinced yet? Then listen to ‘Community People’, which has a very dark mood and some very clear new wave influences.

Sixteens are like a darker and less typical punk version of Suicide. Just listen to Casio and let yourself be convinced about the uniqueness and quality of this band.

artist: Sixteens
label: Cochon Records
details: 8 tracks