Sixteens – Fendi

From the same US scene as Vanishing, The Phantom Limbs, Black Ice and Swann Danger comes Sixteens. This bands produces contemporary electronic deathrock. Their music refers to early Christian Death, even though their sound is very electronic.

Haunting melody lines and screamed vocals leave no doubt about the gothic influences in the sound of Sixteens. There is also a clear punk attitude in this music. Just as it was in early gothic.

Tracks like ‘Figurative Character’and ‘Cell Schedule’ are suitable for the dancefloor although maybe a bit too long. Very nice is the slow and hypnotic track ‘Factrix’. It is strangely reminiscent of Sonic Youth during their Confusion is Sex period.

Fendi succesfully blends an electronic sound with the mood of traditional deathrock. Only point of criticism is that this cd with only four track is much too short.
A nice detail is that Genesis P. Orridge is responsible for the cover design.

artist: Sixteens
label: Hungry Eye Records
details: 4 tracks [EYE04]