Skanfrom – Soothing Sound for Robots

Skanfrom describes himself as a human robot. His music is a sort of robot pop, somewhere between electro(pop) and electronica, with an accessible character.

Soothing Sound for Robots is a re-issue on cd of the limited edition 12” EP with the same title, that was released last year. On this cd there are also some bonus tracks added.

The tracks are built around familiar sounding sounds but don’t have standard structures. There are almost no real songs on Soothing Sound for Robots.
This is mainly an album with short pieces of music and sound sketches.

Warm and catchy melodies, that are reminiscent of Kraftwerk, are combined with original, but easy to listen to rhythms. Only a few tracks are real songs in the true sense of word, and these are very poppy, but with the same warm en beautiful melodies like the other tracks.

This is an album you can play at any moment of the day. The music is light but not slick or cheesy and in a strange way both tranquil and energetic. Skanfrom
lets us hear that computers (and robots) do have feelings.

artist: Skanfrom
label: Genetic Music
details: [gen013]