S.K.E.T. – Aktivist

Hands Productions has done it again. With S.K.E.T. they have embraced a band that produces some more of the rhythmical noise that Hands Productions is known for. A magic blend of electro sounds, industrial, noise with vocal samples and kicking beats. At some points the music becomes a little repetitive.

The S.K.E.T. members come from Rostock, Germany. They started making music in 1994. This is their first release on an official label. Previous they made some self released productions and have taken part in various projects and bands with styles; EBM, electro, noise, ska and neo-classic.

The S.K.E.T. members explain on their site that they are working on a conversion to industrial music of socialistic art. They concentrate more on the martial aspects of socialistic art than the political intentions. It is clear that sentiments of the good old days of the socialistic republic play a big role in the artistic expression of the band member.

Tracks like “Stalinoper 2004” seems to been made with the band members personal Stalin organ. A track like “Updated reality” has the potential to be a smashing dance floor hit.

artist: S.K.E.T.
label: Hands Productions
details: 12 tracks, 2005 [D066]