Slomo – The Creep

This is a re-release of Slomo’s ‘The Creep’ by Important Records (first released by Julian Cope’s Fuck Off & Di label). Slomo is Chris McGrail and Howard Marsden, and I believe this is their first release together as Slomo.

‘The Creep’ is a single track that runs for over an hour in length. In praise of Slomo, this hour can feel like days. Somehow ‘The Creep’ turns time into irrelevance and finds that distant place often sought after but rarely found by purveyors of dark ambient. Slomo does this through a sparse mix of reverberating guitar and synth drones that sometimes shriek, sometimes whale, but are always super eerie-creepy.

This approach has drawn some comparisons with SunnO))), as well as the likes of post metal act Khanate. At times Slomo’s frequencies near the severity of Khanate’s, but ‘The Creep’ abandons any sense of song structure and moves more through a wash of cyclical patterns and dissonant tones. This disc is definitely one of my favorites of its kind. Slow motion drone mania!

artist: Slomo
label: Important Records
details: 1 track, 1:00:27, 2006 [imprec085]