Snog – Real Estate Man Plus

Remix records seem to be the thing nowadays. A lot of labels release records with various reworks of one specific track. Sometime the result is surprising, sometimes not. In case of this remix cd centered around the Snog song ‘Real Estate Man’ the result is not that good.

The ten tracks are not very diverse and not interesting enough to make up for one true album. What you get is a few good ideas, too many remixes that don’t really add something to the original version and one good track. The one good track is the original version by Snog.

Most versions are too cheesy dance orientated like the Ubin Mix’, the ‘Sir Real’s Ugly Mix’ and the’8-Bit Apocalypse Mix’. A little more interesting is the Hecq version, but also this rework is too much dance orientated. Hecq didn’t succeed in making the song his own.

Funny is the live version, which turns the song into an acoustic guitar piece, but also this cannot change the fact the record in overall in boring. Snog should just be Snog I guess, on its own.
There is also a four track vinyl edition of this release on Kracktronik Recordings.

artist: Snog
label: Hymen
details: 10 tracks [¥743]