Soft Rider, The – Speak L’ Amour

Although this 7” is already out for a very long time (it was released in 2002) it deserves some attention here (it is also still available at some mailorders).

This single is a classic 7”, meaning one side per track and to be played at 45rpm. The music by The Soft Rider is analogue elektropop. Maybe the sleeve and title might make you think about Vive La Fête, the music is much more in the style of It & My Computer.

Expecially the B-side (‘Teenage Gun’) is excellent. It is a dark and pulsating elektro track, which is not really suitable for the dancefloor, but a very good one to enjoy otherwise.

Keep an eye out for The Soft Rider. There should be new release coming up somewhere in time.

artist: Soft Rider, The
label: Badsound
details: 7”, 2 tracks [BADVY02A]