Sol Invictus – Duo Noir: Marseilles

‘Marseille’ is already the fourth release in the Sol Invictus live archive series, after ‘Brugge’, ‘Paris’ and ‘Trieste’. The music is attributed to Duo Noir, which is actually a more minimal line-up of Sol Invictus, in this case just Tony Wakeford (guitar, vocals) and Matt Howden. In the past there have been other variations like Trio Noir and Quartet Noir, not to be confused with L’Orchestre Noir, the more classical side-project of Wakeford. Well, enough of this bandname confusion now, back to the concert.

The sound of the recordings is very clear, it sounds as if the musicans are in my room. It must have been a very atmospheric occasion on that in France on a day in May 2000. Matt and Tony seem to be in very good shape, with much more refinement than the recent Sol Invictus performance in Leipzig. The two of them manage to create dynamic sound, in which other musicians are hardly missed.

The songlist is what you could expect: starting with some tracks from the then recent “In a Garden Green” album, followed by a large number of neofolk classics, from ‘Media’ to ‘Against the modern world’ and ‘Death of the west’. There are quite some similarities in song choices with the ‘Trieste’ live cd, recorded a few months earlier, but then supported by Sally Doherty. Nevertheless Sol Invictus fans will certainly be pleased by this new live album, on which Wakeford and Howden perform some convincing renditions of pieces from the Sol Invictus songbook.

artist: Sol Invictus
label: Tursa
details: 17 tracks, 2005 [tursa archive 004]