Sol Invictus – Trieste

A new live cd from Sol Invictus, in a simple cardboard cover. Not the first live release by Sol Invictus, so is this necessary? Yes, because this is a tremendous good performance. The cd contains an acoustic concert, with a small line-up: Tony Wakeford of course on guitar and main vocals, aided by Matt Howden on violin and Sally Doherty on flute and vocals. The concert was recorded in Trieste, Italy, on the 28th November, 1999, during the “Musica in Nero Festival”. The apoplogies of Tony on the cover (All mistakes and out-of-tune vocals on this recording are due to me) are a bit superfluous, because the band is in great shape!

Recent songs (from “In a Garden Green”, like the wonderful ‘Come the morning’) are interchanged with known classics like ‘Amongst the Ruins’, ‘Media’, ‘A ship is burning’ and ‘Against the modern world’. Because of the minimal line-up the songs are brought back to their essentials, which works very well, the emotions are conveyed very directly. Sally’s wonderful voice (e.g. on ‘Remember & Forget’) and Matt’s violin have an important role, which give the cd a lot of atmosphere.

artist: Sol Invictus
label: Tursa
details: 17 tracks