Solitary Experiments – Final Approach

The German label Maschinenwelt is known for its dark electronic music (like Seelenkrank). Not all their releases have convinced me so far, but now they have a new talented band: Solitary Experiments. They played in June ´99 at the Xtreactor festival in Arnhem, convincing with powerful dark electro, which made me curious about their debut album. It´s called “Final Approach” and it contains no less than 15 tracks. The album surprises me a bit, it sounds poppier and more melodic than expected. Many tracks contain additional female vocals, that were absent at the concert. Some songs are reminiscent of Terminal Choice, but they also remind me sometimes of the old Evils Toy work. I must say, there are many outstanding, danceable tracks on the album, like the opening song “God, where are you?”. Perhaps 70 minutes of playing time is a bit too long, they can´t keep my attention for the full album, but Solitary Experiments is definitively a band with a lot of potential.

artist: Solitary Experiments
label: Maschinenwelt