Somnambul – Somnambul

Somnambul is a new German triphop act with a nice moody sound. It also is the support act of Qntal on their German tour. After listening once to the record one might draw a comparison with acts like Portishead and Lamb. But after some time this cd proves to have a sound of it own. There is no doubt that Somnambul have been listening to the before mentioned bands and limits itself to the boundaries of the triphop genre. But, within these limitations the band has found a niche for their music.

Most songs are quite with slow hiphop-like beats, nice synth sounds (lots of strings) and with warm but moody vocals. The sound is much cleaner than the ‘smokey’ sound of Portishead and less hectic than that of Lamb. There are a few songs that stand out on this cd, that is pretty short but with a nice collection of songs in just the right order. The up-tempo song ‘Things’ is a good danceable track and ‘Unfinished’ is a dark romantic song that could compete with some of the Wolfsheim material.

We just have to wait and see how Somnambul will be received outside Germany. Lots of German groups never make it outside there own country, even when they sell well there. In this case that would a pity, especially for the audience abroad.

artist: Somnambul
label: Stars in the Dark