Sonne Hagal – Nidar

This mini cd is released on Forseti’s Grunwald label and contains four songs, based on traditional European folk songs and texts. It is announced as a foretaste of the forthcoming album “Jordansfrost”, to be released in the spring. The music on this cd is very pure: almost completely acoustic, mainly based on guitars, violin and accordion (By Andreas Ritter). Don’t expect powerful uptempo songs like ‘Midwinternight’; “Nidar” is more tranquil and subtle.

The most catchy song is the first one, ‘Az ja pojedu’, with an attractive melody, male and female vocals and a warm accordion sound. ‘The murdered brother’ sounds more grim, though the dark vocals are contrasted by the waltzing accordion, which reminds me of an old sailor’s song. ‘Follow the fair sun’ is a moody restrained song, a typical apocalyptic folk song which is not bad, but also not spectacular. The last song is called ‘The three ravens’, a centuries-old ballad of an anonymous poet. This melancholic song is especially attractive through the nicely flowing strings.

A solid mini cd, which comes in a digipack with photos of desolate trees and deserted forests. I quite like this ‘traditional sound’ and especially the first and last track are to my liking. So all reason to assume that the forthcoming album will be enjoyable.

artist: Sonne Hagal
label: Grunwald
details: 4 tracks, 2005