Sonne Hagal – Starkadr

This German act earlier released the 10″ Sinnreger on Eis & Licht, which mostly contained neo-folk music, just as on the split lp with Aurum Nostrum, which was also made this year. The two tracks on this single are more electronic pieces, with an ambient/ritual character. The single is pressed on heavy vinyl and comes in a fold-out sleeve with artwork from the Italian artist Massimo Celestino Ruffini.
Side A contains the track ‘Sowulo’, a slow ritual piece with repetitive vocal parts in a for me unknown language. On the other side we find the title song ‘Starkadr’, again a slow electronic soundscape, with some drumming and sampled vocals. Interesting experiments, but I prefer the more folky side of Sonne Hagal.

artist: Sonne Hagal
label: Eis & Licht
details: 7' single, 2 tracks, limited to 600 copies