Sonne Hagal – Tarja

Sonne Hagal is a bit of an unpredictable act. This German group is mostly known for its dark folk music. But Sonne Hagal has also released a few more experimental / ambient style releases. So I was curious what this picture disc on the always interesting Divine Comedy Records label would have to offer.

The first remark has to be made about the remarkable design of the disc, by the talented Danish photographer Peter Bengtsen. They contain bizarre settings with skeletons acting weird in distinguished chambers. I wonder where the pictures were made…

Two new Sonne Hagal tracks can be found on the single, which was originally destined to be released on the American label LSDO, which is now defunct..
The songs combine folky sounds with atmospheric ambiance, again sounding different than before. ‘Tarja’ is a nice intimate piece of work, with acoustic guitars, ambient sounds and a keyboard melody, instrumental except for spoken word in the background. ‘Aud’ is slower and deeply melancholic. A ritual, repetive tracks with a meditative effect. The deep, calm vocals resemble a mantra.

Certainly a surprising single with orginal music and art. Just a pity that the tracks are rather short.

artist: Sonne Hagal
label: Divine Comedy Records
details: 7' picture disc, lim. 500 copies. [DC 030]