Sonnenbrandt – Urlaubsgruss mit Sonnenbrandt EP

One of the records I enjoyed most from last year was the 7″ by the group Sonnenbrandt. This single was a collaboration release of Hertz-Schrittmacher and NLW in limited qualities on orange vinyl with a bathing hat and beach sand. The sound of the band is very much neo Neue Deutsche Welle. On this cd all four tracks from the single appear in a re-mastered form with one extra track.

These five tracks are extremely catchy popmusic with a strong 80’s feeling. All tracks are equally wonderful and will make you smile for sure. ‘Urlaubsgruss mit Sonnenbrand(t)’, ‘L├╝denscheid’ and the extra track ‘Radio’ are also potential clubhits.

For me this was one of the discoveries for 2004. But I am sure both the cd and 7″ be played in my home stereo very often in 2005 as well. This is perfect and brilliant pop music!

artist: Sonnenbrandt
label: NLW
details: 5 tracks [NLW008]