Sonnentau – Das Laub fällt von den Bäumen

Orplid is often named in one breath with other German acts like Forseti, Dies Natalis, Sonne Hagal or Darkwood. These new bands entered the stage around the same time and all released material on the Eis & Licht label. Therefore people spoke of a new German folk movement. But Orplid isn’t actually that folky. Releases like ‘Barbarossa’ showed another, more experimental and bombastic side, which not only relied on acoustic guitars.

The opposite can be said of Sonnentau, a new project of which Orplid member and textwriter Uwe Nolte is one of the members. He takes care of ‘Wort & Bild’, while Andreas Arndt is responsible for the music and Nadine Spindler for the vocals. On this limited vinyl release Sonnentau offers us fairly traditional material. ‘Das Laub fällt von den Bäumen’ contains four acoustic folky songs. The overall impression is sweet and romantic, a bit similar to the latest Dies Natalis album “Tristan”. No bombastic or martial outbursts, but restrained, tranquil songs.

Apart from acoustic guitar, an important trademark are the vocals of Nadine Spindler. On the first song ‘An des Sommers letzten Falter’ she is accompanied by romantic violin and a Spanish guitar, which sounds a little chaotic at times. Not a bad song, but it misses something which really captivates me. The melancholic ‘Winterbann’ appeals more to me, with compelling vocals by Arndt, lovely supported by Spindler.

The title song is the most catchy, reminding me a little of a tranquil Hekate song. The nice guitar work gives me medieval associations and Spindlers voice is moving, almost sensual. A romantic song about the passing of the seasons, with its annual decay and renewal. ‘Novembermorgen’ is the closing song, an enjoyable but not very special instrumental piece.

This first 12″ release precedes an expected full-length album. If this is a representative taster, than this album will be pleasant, but not essential.

artist: Sonnentau
label: Prophecy Productions
details: 10', 4 tracks. lim. 500 copies [pro065 lp]