Sons of Bronson – Niñas y marisco

A release for the die-hard noise fans. The Sons of Bronson from Barcelona don’t sound like the merciful types. The first heavily distorted sounds directly make me move away from my speakers.

I’m quite relieved when the first track is over, a seemingly improvised slab of noise and sound experimentations which should appeal to daily consumers of Prurient or Merzbow. This is not to say that the other tracks are less brutal, they just have slightly more moments of relative rest.

Here and there are some metal influences, but the main ingredient throughout remains violent and chaotic noise, with heavily manipulated samples which often resemble machinegun fire. Now and then a recognizable rhythm makes its appearance, but never longer than a few seconds. A cd for lovers of pure experimental noise without distracting vocals, melodies or rhythms.

My compliments by the way for the artwork, a striking combination of knives, lobsters and small children.

artist: Sons of Bronson
label: Mano Dura Records
details: cd, 8 tracks, 35 min.