Sophia – Sophia

Sophia is the new solo project of Peter Petterson, member of Arcana. Arcana is known for its beautiful, heavenly music, with Dead Can Dance influences, Sophia follows a different path, making more bombastic powerful music, in the vein of The Protagonist or Turbund Sturmwerk, although the sounds still have a similarity to Arcana.

The album contains 10 tracks, the first 9 simply called Sigillum Militum I-IX, the final track is Adeptus/Last Movement, a quiet finale, Raison d’Etre like. The Sigillum Militum tracks form a mixture of heavy drumming, orchestral parts and dark ambient pieces and are mostly intrumental. I must say that this first album of Sophia impresses me a lot, I’m already looking forward to the new material, that is announced for this year.

This album is a work especially written for live performances, does the booklet say. When I saw Sophia live the show consisted mainly of two man ruthlessy hitting metal plates, which gave their martial music an even more powerful impression…

artist: Sophia
label: Cold Meat Industry