Sophia – Spite

Yet another release from Peter Pettersson, who is very productive with both Sophia and Arcana lately. This new Sophia cd again brings us bombastic industrial, with heavy percussion and an orchestral wall of sound. All songtitles are short: ‘Filth’, ‘Dirt’, ‘Scum’ and so on. I’m very pleased with the artwork, which consists of close-up pictures of old steam trains. This gives a nice industrial effect.

“Spite” contains mostly new compositions, plus the live track “Stained”, recorded in Bochum last year. The atmosphere is still angry, but this time no militant war sounds. The focus is now more on internal battlefields, on inner war. I can’t say that this album is completely surprising, it continues where the previous work was left. But it’s a solid release, it contains various good tracks. My personal favourite is ‘Pride”, a powerful bombastic hammer, that is sort of a mixture of the force of In Slaughter Natives and the ritual character of Ordo Equilibrio.

artist: Sophia
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 7 tracks