Sophya – Dream

Dream is the second album by wave band Sophya. A few years ago this band was discovered by Ronny Moorings from Clan of Xymox. He signed the band to his own Stichting Xymox Control label on which the debut ‘The Age of Sophya’ was released. Sophya had a sound very close to that of ethereal 80’s wave music.

On this second album they refined their sound. The songs on Dream are even more quiet and dreamy than before. ‘Captive Beauty’ and ‘Fear’ are good examples of the bands’ style, which has a lot in common with the sound of the 4AD label. Often the early work of Cocteau Twins spring to mind when listening to this album.

The music Sophya plays is like a modern form of the moody and stylish wave music from the 80’s. Dream is a good second album by this band. The sound is perfect and the songs are worked out well. In short, a very nice second album by Sophya.

artist: Sophya
label: Pandaimonium
details: 11 tracks. released april 2003. [Pan -26]