:spasmodique: – Karni Mata

This fourth release by :Spassmodique: is one that they recorded and produced all by themselves between 2002 and 2004. And I can add that they did a great job at it, the production level at least is quite high.

The music of this Cologne-based trio is best described as some kind of electronic soundscapes in song-structures. Strange music that is not easy to get in to, but that is well worth discovering. Headphone-music as well as there are details enough in the music.

Where “Igloo:Yougloo V2.0” allready saw the addition of guitarplayer J├╝rgen Moritz to the band on this new cd his influence grew even more. That is not to say that this is guitar-music in any way, the guitar just puts some more accents into the music. Second change in the music, when compared with V2.0 is that more noise-elements are mixed into the music.

Then again a lot stayed the same as well. Still the backbone is dark electronic music, with the (often whispering) voice of C.S. Hauser and the (sometimes heavenly) voice of Rebella Jane Doe adding their accents. Still the album grows with every time one listens to it. Still the melody-lines dare to bring even pop-melodies into the music at times.

Karni Mata seems like a logical evolution from V2.0. An evolution that makes this album good for those who like their music to grow on them, dark, but with melody. Industrial soundscapes within structures and with vocals, or something like that.

artist: :spasmodique:
label: Terror Productions
details: 2005, 11 tracks