Speedranch & Janski Noise – Mi^grate

Mr Speedranch and Mr Janski Noise have made quite an impression with their remixes and tracks on compilations of the years, Now they released a full-length CD on the Planet-Mu label (the label of Mike Paradinas aka Mu-ziq).

The CD contains 15 tracks full of NOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSE, interluded with an occasional sample. The tracks remind me of Merzbow of Masonna, but they are certainly not as aggressive, and also not as exciting. It seems like the Japanese noisemakers put some more passion, energy and effort in their noiseworks. This CD just sounds a bit dull and uninspired.

Still this CD is a good introduction to the wonderful world of noise for the idm.breakbeat audience of the Planet Mu label.

Perhaps Mr Speedranch and mr Janski Noise should Mi^grate to Japan to get inspired?

artist: Speedranch & Janski Noise
label: Planet Mu
details: 15 tracks. ZIQ071 (2003)