Sphere Lazza – Ultimate Abyss

Sphere Lazza is one of those bands who had a little fame in the underground scene of the 1990’s. They released 2 albums and split up in the making of the third album, that thus is still unreleased. These years also saw them grow from a two-piece to a quartet. Now they are back, just the two people who started Sphere Lazza at the start, Tony Spazz and [dt].

This single showcases the new title-track, with the original version and two remixes, but also contains four bonus-tracks. Musicly Sphere Laza returns more or less to where it originated: EBM inspired by Front 242 and Front Line Assembly, though this single is less harsh than most albums of the forementioned acts. And Sphere Lazza has packed the music in a more 2005’ish package for sure.

Title track is a dance-able, not very original, but good. The two remixes go along in this vein. “Nemesis” is more electro-pop oriented then the other tracks on this cd-single, and sounds very good. This track might indeed reach the Covenant fans as well. “Terminal Ferocity” is the song that should not be on this disc. At least to me it starts irritating from the start, the deformed vocals that just work on my nerves together with a song that is not in any way original, in fact is quite the opposite. “Distance” returns us to the dancefloor with a somewhat faster beat, a nice track. “Dark Energy (Version 1)” throws in an even faster beat and wil be good for the dance-floors as well.

With this single Sphere Lazza gives a new sign of life. A single that might return them to the status they once had. A band with an occasional underground hit, and decent albums.

artist: Sphere Lazza
label: Acid Victim Records
details: 2005, 7 tracks