Spiritual Bats – Sacrament

From Italy come the Spiritual Bats, a formation specialized in ‘old-school’-gothic rock. On this mini-cd called “Sacrament” you find 5 tracks, inspired by the classic gothic heritage. This means no big musical surprises are to be found here, but everything is well-performed. The band is active since 19992 and got good critics with their previous album “Confessions”. If you like traditional gothic music, like Christian Death, then you won’t be disappointed by these Bats. The typical goth guitars, dramatic singing, the creation of tension, a spooky atmosphere… The drums and bass accompany it very well. My favourite track is `Lost Souls´ (I don’t know if it was inspired by the Poppy Brite novel). This band knows its classics and stays faithful to it. The cover artwork by the ‘Alchemisti Painters’ is of a high level.

artist: Spiritual Bats
label: Alchimisti