Spiritual Front – Nihilist coctails for calypso inferno

To describe this not so everyday album the best thing to do is to quote the booklet: “the new collection of bastard love words, staggering ballads, fading soul tactics and sonorities for frustrations. orginally conceived as 10 inches, nihilist cocktails has been extended with studio low-fi recordings, fragments and other various materials, otherwise forgotten tracks recorded in these last years…”.

Spiritual Front is an Italian project, of which most songs can be filed under neo-folk. I liked their previous album, ‘Songs of the will’, which was released a few years ago by Misty Circles/Old Europa Cafe. That album was rather short, 6 songs in 31 minutes. This time Spiritual front has made up for that, with no less than 21 tracks! One of the tracks was already known to me, ‘We could fail again’ earlier appeared on the ‘Lichttaufe’ sampler.

The cd comes in a bright orange digipack, which contains a booklet filled with lyrics and pornographic pictures… About half of the songs are strange and funny short intermezzos, like jazzy lounge music or samples of old recordings. The artists surely prove to have a sense of humor and an open mind…

The other half of the songs consist of dark folky ballads, which are rather good and create a nice atmosphere. My main criticism is that the vocals are not rather convincing, they sound a bit flat and monotonous, somewhere between singing and reciting. But this album contains various some good songs, and through its variety it can entertain you for an hour…

artist: Spiritual Front
label: Oktagon
details: 21 tracks, 59 minutes