Sprung aus den Wolken – Early Recordings

Together with bands like Die Tödliche Doris and Einstuerzende Neubauten, Sprung aus den Wolken belonged to the early industrial /avant-garde scene in Germany of the early 80’s. This scene has been very influential for European avant-garde (pop) and industrial / electronic music.

As the title suggests, this is a collection of early recordings, mainly from 1981. For people familiar with this music this record has no secrets. But, people who are not prepared might be wondering about the noises and experimental tracks on this album.

The music on Early Recordings is not the most accessible music by Sprung aus den Wolken. Although none of their music is straight forward pop music, this collection of tracks are of an experimental nature, typical of the early period of the band.

Minimal, repetitive, raw and harsh pieces like Warte’, ‘Lust-Last-Liebe’ and ‘Tanzen Stampfen Laufen’ set the tone for this record. A little more accessible are ‘Es Reicht ­ noch Lange Nicht’ and Leidenschaftlich’ which are also more typical NDW. Early Recordings is a great record which will satisfy the collector of early experimental (pop) music from the 80’s.

artist: Sprung aus den Wolken
label: Vinyl-On-Demand
details: lp, 18 tracks [VOD11]