Squaremeter – The Frozen Spark

After having heard The Frozen Spark you will be either totally left stunned or fast asleep. If you like dark ambient music this is one of the best records since a long time and also one of the best recent releases from Ant-Zen.

It is very simple, if you are interested in the dark world of sounds of Lustmord you will love this record. Many sounds and moods on The Frozen Spark are reminiscent of classic Lustmord. Deep, slow, and dark visions of unpleasant encounters and desolate places are made part of your perception while listening. There are a few lighter moments, but these untrue and only the introductions of more darkness.
Squaremeter aka M2 alternates a lot with different volumes during the pieces and on the record as a whole. There are even moments of silence. These give an extra effect to the experience of the music and make it even more nightmarish.

The Frozen Spark will not disappoint the listener or become boring after some time. It will only put people to sleep that are immune for music and sounds. And they will have a nightmare.

artist: Squaremeter
label: Ant-Zen
details: 8 tracks [act198]